It provides HTTP / 2 super fast internet sites with server push, header compression and parallel demand features.

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Google's new compression algorithm provides better space utilization and faster load time for your website.

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Web Acceleration

Enables content to be delivered to end users in a fast and efficient way.

Compression Techniques

Faster access with 80% reduction with gzip, brotli and image processing.

CMS Integration

It can be integrated into all ready-made systems and software and your sites meet CDN.

Security Key URL

You can prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing your shared content.

Ddos Protection

Does not interfere with web requests even when you are attacked

Control Board

One-stop solution to all your demands with our simple and convenient management panel.

Reporting & Statistics

Real-time file and visitor reports and statistics in your hand.


Turkey, Europe, with a total of more than 20 locations in Asia and America.

24/7 Live Support

You can contact us anytime you need and ask for help.


RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol, the most common format for video sites. RTMP allows Macromedia to use the Internet; It is a special protocol that is developed for streaming audio, video and data between the flash player and the server. Through this protocol; Serializable objects, audio and video streams can be transported. It provides bidirectional and permanent communication with the server through a port via TCP. RTMP: uses port 1935, RTMPE: content is encrypted at run time. When transferring data, RTMPE generates an RC4 key pair. One key encrypts data sent by the server and the other key encrypts data sent to the server.

Smooth Stream technology, developed by Microsoft, is a form of web-based media distribution with standard http. Instead of distributing the desired media file as a whole, it distributes it as MPEG-4 tracks to clients and this media file can be cached at endpoints. The quality of the broadcast requested by the client may vary according to the conditions of the client computer as well as the network quality to which it is connected. At the same time, broadcast quality may vary depending on other client side applications. Smooth streaming brings you the most beautiful features; Although the client receives the requested broadcast from the server by encode at different quality bit rates in each fragment, the broadcast is not interrupted. This technology also offers playback (rewind) feature.

HLS (HTTP LIVE STREAM) is an open source, live streaming and fixed streaming protocol developed by Apple. With HLS Stream; • Can stream broadcasts without special server software. • It can stream encrypted and secure. Using HLS, you can broadcast via http via an ordinary web server.

RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol stands for real-time streaming protocol. It is a network control protocol designed to send content as a unicast stream in communication systems. This is a specially created application-level protocol for controlling the sending of real-time data, such as audio and video content. It is implemented through a transmission protocol for correction. Supports player control actions such as stop, pause, rewind, and fast forward on indexed Windows Media files. RTSP, video servers on the internet broadcasting media and so on. allows basic actions such as stopping and playing back content while being played back remotely.

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